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What Happens to Your Uniqname, Directory Profile, and Computing Services After You Leave U-M

The ITS Service Center can assist with computing accounts, subscriptions, uniqnames, passwords and more.

See also, Getting a Uniqname, MCommunity Directory Profile, and Computing Services.

Whether you can continue to use your uniqname, MCommunity Directory profile, and U-M computing services after leaving U-M depends on your current affiliation.

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People with multiple affiliations retain access as long as one affiliation remains. For example, a terminated staff member who is also an alumna retains use of some services because of her alumni affiliation. A sponsored person who is hired by the university retains access after his sponsorship expires because of his employee affiliation. A staff member who retires can continue to use some services because of her retiree affiliation.

If you will lose access to some or all U-M computing services, see Managing Your Digital Files and Information When You Leave U-M for information to help you transition files, messages, and other digital data that you want to keep.

Responsible Use of Information Resources (SPG 601.07) applies to all members of the university community and users of its information resources. This includes alumni and retirees who continue to have a account.