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What Happens to Your Uniqname, Directory Profile, and Computing Services After You Leave U-M

The ITS Service Center can assist with computing accounts, subscriptions, uniqnames, passwords and more.

See also, Getting a Uniqname, MCommunity Directory Profile, and Computing Services.

Whether you can continue to use your uniqname, MCommunity Directory profile, and U-M computing services after leaving U-M depends on your current affiliation.

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People with multiple affiliations retain access as long as one affiliation remains. For example, a terminated staff member who is also an alumna retains use of some services because of her alumni affiliation. A sponsored person who is hired by the university retains access after his sponsorship expires because of his employee affiliation. A staff member who retires can continue to use some services because of her retiree affiliation.

If you will lose access to some or all U-M computing services, see Managing Your Digital Files and Information When You Leave U-M for information to help you transition files, messages, and other digital data that you want to keep.