ITS General Computing

Getting a U-M Account and Computing Services

The ITS Service Center can assist with computing accounts, uniqnames, passwords, and more.

See also After You Leave U-M: Your U-M Account and Computing Services.

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Your U-M account and standard computing services are set up for you when your uniqname is created. There are different processes for getting a uniqname based on a person's relationship to the university, and these are detailed in the sections below.


Faculty & Staff

Sponsored People

Sponsored people are those who are affiliated with the university but who are not faculty, staff, students, or alumni. Sponsored individuals receive uniqnames by being sponsored by their department or unit. An MCommunity Directory profile is created as part of the sponsorship process. As soon as a person has a sponsorship, uniqname, and directory profile, an account is automatically created for them, and they are provided with computing services. (more detail about access for sponsored people)


Alumni who did not receive a uniqname when they were students can create a uniqname on the Alumni Association's Uniqname Sign-Up Page. Alumni who aren't sure if they already have a uniqname or not can check on that same page. Once alumni have a uniqname, their MCommunity Directory profile is created automatically. (more detail about access for alumni)