ITS General Computing

Getting a U-M Account and Computing Services—
Ann Arbor Faculty

New faculty often need uniqnames and UMIDs before they have completed the hiring process. Their department can get uniqnames and UMIDs for them by sponsoring them (using the MCommunity Sponsor System). There are two ways to do this:

The standard computing services (with the exception of printing) are set up for the sponsored person as part of the sponsorship process.

Once a uniqname has been created, departmental staff can submit a Print Account Provisioning request if the incoming faculty member needs to print in Campus Computing Sites and University libraries.

The incoming faculty member's affiliation in their MCommunity Directory profile will be listed as "Sponsored Affiliate." The faculty affiliation will not be added until the person's hire date.

On the faculty member's hire date, his or her directory entry will be automatically changed from listing a sponsorship affiliation to listing a faculty affiliation. Should the faculty member not complete the hiring process, the sponsorship will expire after six months unless it is extended.