ITS General Computing

Getting a U-M Account and Computing Services—
Students on the Dearborn Campus

UM-Dearborn Information Technology Services creates uniqnames and passwords automatically for students on the Dearborn campus after they have registered. (Dearborn ITS runs a script every morning that works with Ann Arbor's uniqname creation system to create the uniqnames and passwords.)

Information about computing services is mailed to the student's home address before the start of the student's first term. Once students receive that mailing, they can use computing services at Dearborn.

When MCommunity receives information that a person is a Dearborn student and that person has a uniqname, an MCommunity Directory profile is created automatically. MCommunity receives nightly data updates from the Dearborn campus.

In addition, Dearborn students can fill out a uniqname application at the Dearborn Accounts office and present it along with their U-M photo ID. They will then receive a uniqname and password within 24 hours.

When a Dearborn student has a uniqname and an MCommunity Directory profile, a U-M account, which includes access to U-M Google, is automatically created for them.

Note: Dearborn ITS issues multiple passwords to students. See Dearborn ITS Accounts & Passwords.