ITS General Computing

Getting a Uniqname and Directory Profile—
Faculty on the Flint Campus

Human Resources staff on the Flint campus can get uniqnames and MCommunity Directory profiles for incoming faculty using the MCommunity Sponsor System. Otherwise, Flint faculty are issued uniqnames by UM-Flint Information Technology Services (ITS).

Flint faculty get an MCommunity Directory profile when they have both a uniqname and a U-M affiliation (whether the affiliation is that of a sponsored affiliate or a faculty member). MCommunity receives weekly data updates from the Flint campus.

When a Flint faculty member has a uniqname and an MCommunity Directory profile, an Active Directory (UMROOT) account and a U-M Google account are automatically created for them. Flint faculty use an email and calendar service provided by Flint Information Technology Services instead of U-M Google Mail and Calendar.