ITS General Computing

Getting a Uniqname and Directory Profile—

Alumni of all three U-M campuses can create a uniqname or check to see if they already have one using a link on the Alumni Association's website. Once alumni have a uniqname, an MCommunity Directory profile is created automatically for them.

  1. Go to Alumni Uniqname Management.

  2. Click the Create Uniqname button.

  3. Read and accept the Conditions of Use

  4. Provide this information:

    • Full name
    • Current email address
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Year of first U-M degree
    • One of the following:
      • Alumni ID (10-digit number found on your mailing label)
      • UMID (8-digit number found on your U-M ID card)
      • Last four digits of Social Security number
  5. As part of the process, alumni can enter an email address to which they want their mail forwarded. The mail forwarding address is then entered in their MCommunity Directory profile, where they can update it as needed.

Getting Alumni Status

U-M graduates receive alumni status automatically. Graduates who already have a uniqname and MCommunity Directory profile keep these and have their alumni affiliation added to their directory profile.

Former students who have completed at least one semester of a degree-granting program are eligible for alumni status. Former students who did not receive this status automatically can request it by contacting Gift & Records Administration (888-518-7888 or fill out a web request).