ITS General Computing

Changing Your Uniqname

The ITS Service Center can assist with computing accounts, subscriptions, uniqnames, passwords, and more.

Your uniqname is used for access to multiple systems at U-M, so changing it can be time-consuming, particularly if you have administrative or elevated access to data or systems. Please consider carefully if you are contemplating a uniqname change and plan ahead to minimize disruption.

During processing of a uniqname change, you may lose access to some systems for up to five business days.

Fill out and submit the Uniqname Change Application to request a uniqname change. The ITS Service Center will work with you to schedule a time for making the change that will cause you the least disruption. You will need to be logged out of your Google UMICH account when the uniqname change is made.

The Service Center can change your uniqname and update your access to services provided by ITS. You will need to contact your departmental IT staff to update your access to departmental services that use your uniqname. You willl also need to update other services for which you use your U-M email address.

Uniqname Change Guidelines

ITS will change your uniqname for reasons such as misspellings, legal name changes, marriage, divorce, harassment, or if your originally selected uniqname contains profanity. If your name has changed, be sure to first register the name change with the Office of the Registrar (for students), Human Resources (for faculty and staff), or the Alumni Records Office (for alumni).

Your new uniqname must meet the following conditions:

What the Service Center Can Change for You

Other Changes You Need to Request or Handle Yourself