ITS General Computing

Getting a U-M Account and Computing Services—

Getting a Uniqname

Employees hired through U-M's online applicant management system (eRecruit), receive instructions in an email message for creating their own uniqname and setting a UMICH (Level-1) password.

  1. The employee receives an email message welcoming them to the university and providing a UMID number. The message explains that additional information and instructions will be provided in a separate message.

  2. The employee receives a message providing an OTID (one-time identifier number) and telling them to go the uniqname sign-up website:

  3. At that website, the employee must enter OTID, UMID, full name, and birthdate.

  4. After the employee creates a uniqname, they click a link to go to another web page (using Wolverine Access) where they verify their personal information.

  5. After they have verified their personal information, they receive an email message with information about the Employee Self-Service section of Wolverine Access.

Reactivating a Uniqname

New hires who already have a uniqname through a previous relationship with the university receive an email message asking them to reactivate their uniqname. The letter says the employee must complete three steps:

  1. Reactivate uniqname and password.

  2. Verify personal information.

  3. Use Wolverine Access to conduct employee business.

Getting Computing Services

  1. Once a new employee has a uniqname, a preliminary MCommunity Directory profile is created for them, along with a U-M account.

  2. When their job appointment becomes active (on their first day of work), their title and affiliation are added to their MCommunity Directory profile, and the standard computing services, including a U-M Google account, are set up automatically for them.

If an incoming staff member needs computing services before their first day of work, their department can sponsor them. (See Computing Services for Sponsored People.)