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About the Knox Center Adaptive Technology Computing Site

On this page:

The James Edward Knox Center Adaptive Technology Computing Site (ATCS) is an accessible computing site for students, faculty and staff as well as a source of computer accommodation information for the campus.

The ATCS meets the computing and information technology needs of people with temporary or permanent disabilities. Specialized hardware and software is provided at seven PC and two Macintosh workstations. All stations have 21" or larger high-resolution monitors. Two stations have adjustable-height work surfaces. One reclining and several adjustable chairs are available.

See our list of software and equipment.

The Herman Miller Furniture Company designed the ATCS in 1995 with input from Jim Knox and U-M's Barrier Free Computer Users Group. Information and Technology Services (ITS) supports the ATCS as part of Campus Computing Sites.

Location and Hours

The ATCS is located in Room 1128, Shapiro Undergraduate Library on Central Campus. It is open during Shapiro Library hours.

Contact and Staffing

Jane Vincent, the U-M Assistive Technology Lead, oversees the Knox Center. She can be reached at or 936-3794. Jane is at the Knox Center many times during the week, and is happy to set up appointments to provide demonstrations, trainings or other AT services.

The Center is also staffed on weekdays by ITS student employees. The staffing schedule for Fall Term 2012 is 3:30 – 7:30p.m.


The Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office has three funding resources to purchase assistive technology for students with disabilities:

For more information, please contact SSD at 763-3000.


Accessible parking is available on either side of the Shapiro Library building, in two lots off of South University Avenue. There are 4 spots in lot C10 to the East of the building and 5 spots in lot C5 to the West of the building between the Shapiro and Clements Libraries.

The signs for the spots in lot C5 are different from those in C10 and may have different rules as to what is required in order to park there (see the images of the signs below the map). See the U-M Parking and Transportation Services web page on Services for People with Disabilities as to the requirements for use of these spots.

map of parking near the Shapiro Library
C5 Lot sign with picture of red diamond U-M Handicapped decal and text reading Permit & Decal Required. C10 Lot Sign with pictures of U-M and State of Michigan placards and U-M Decal and text reading Permits Required During Enforcement Hours Van Accessible