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Desktop Backup Service - Powered by CrashPlan

About Desktop Backup

Desktop backup solutions are used to automatically back-up critical data stored on personal computers that isn't stored elsewhere. CrashPlan, the software powering the ITS Desktop Backup service, is designed to protect your data files, allowing you to restore your content to a newly configured or re-imaged computer in case of theft or a hard drive crash. CrashPlan's file version retention allows recovery of clean versions of files in case of a virus or ransomware attack. CrashPlan is not designed to restore your applications and settings. For more information, see What Should You Back Up.

Eligible Customers

Desktop Backup, powered by CrashPlan, is available to all campus departments, including MiWorkspace subscribers and departments that do not utilize MiWorkspace.

Appropriate Use of CrashPlan

Use Desktop Backup to protect data files (for example: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, music, videos) on your computer that are stored in locations not otherwise protected.

Use Desktop Backup for...

...backing up... ...because
Files stored locally on Mac computers. The Documents folder on Mac computers is not automatically stored on a file server and therefore is not otherwise backed up.
Files on Windows computers that do not redirect My Documents to a file server. Files not redirected to a file server will be lost in the event of a hard drive crash or other disaster.

Check with your local IT support if you are not sure.

Files on external hard drives These files are otherwise unprotected.

Desktop Backup is NOT appropriate for...

...backing up... ...because
Your entire computer hard drive. CrashPlan is not designed to restore your operating system or applications. These files are more successfully restored from installation media and backing them up may negatively impact backups of your important data.

For more information see Code42’s document, What Should You Back Up

MiWorkspace Windows computers Desktop and Documents folders. Files on these computers are stored in locations which have their own backups.

Not sure about your MiWorkspace computer? Contact the ITS Service Center

Network or Cloud storage, such as:
  • drives mapped to U-M network storage
  • M+Box
  • M+Google Drive
Files placed in these locations are protected by these services. Deleted files can be retrieved by the user for a period of time. Your local IT staff and ITS service providers can assist if necessary.
A computer running a server operating system or requiring a research data archive. CrashPlan is designed for backing up active data files on desktop operating systems. Use MiBackup for server and research archives.

Service Level Expectations

Service Level Expectations are described in the SLE document available on the IT Services Portal.


For more information on the CrashPlan product powering Desktop Backup, see the CrashPlan Pro website. Some features may vary depending on the university's specific agreement and configuration.


The Desktop Backup rates are published online.

Getting Started

System Requirements

Please visit the CrashPlan Pro website for details.

Request Desktop Backup

The information below applies to ONLY non-MiWorkspace account holders. For assistance with set-up and configuration, MiWorkspace customers should contact the ITS Service Center and follow the MiWorkspace prompts.

Set up Desktop Backup Accounts

Find support and configuration information online, including How to Set-Up Desktop Backup accounts and links to tutorials.

Add or Modify Desktop Backup Accounts

Add, modify, or cancel accounts using the Desktop Backup Change Request Form. Please note there is no data limit in Desktop Backup powered by CrashPlan accounts.

Configure Desktop Backup Accounts

Most configuration details are set by default, including encryption and compression. Other configurable and non-configurable settings are listed below. Those with an asterisk may be modified by the user.

Configuration Default
Backup Frequency Always*
Versions to keep from last week Every 15 Minutes*
Versions to keep from the last 90 days Every day*
Versions to keep every year Every week*
Versions to keep from previous years Every year*
Remove deleted files Every month*
Data de-duplication Full
Compression Encryption
Watch File system in real-time On
Reporting Allowed but user must turn on and configure*
Require account password to access CrashPlan Desktop Application On

Find more support and configuration information on the Desktop Backup support page, including links to tutorials.


Additional self-service information for non-MiWorkspace customers, including technical tutorials from CrashPlan Pro, is available on the Desktop Backup support site.