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M+Box Updates Archive: 2014****
Log In to M+Box * Accessibility * About Your Account * Collaborate with M+Box * Individual M+Box Accounts * Shared M+Box Accounts * Store & Share Files ...
http://www.itcs.umich.edu/storage/box/updates-2014.php 05/22/15, 72903 bytes
ITS: SSH (Secure SHell) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)**
SSH (SECURE SHELL) AND SFTP (SECURE FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL) SSH (Secure SHell) is a protocol for remotely logging into a machine. Much like Telnet, an ...
http://www.itcs.umich.edu/ssh/ 05/22/15, 10141 bytes
NAME nefu.conf - dependency map for nefu network monitor DESCRIPTION nefu.conf contains dependency and service information used by the nefu network monitor ...
http://rsug.itd.umich.edu/software/nefu/man/nefu.conf.4.html 08/18/05, 5755 bytes
ITSDocs: Using SSH Secure Shell to Connect to Host Computers [Windows] (S4304)*
Go Directly to Page Content Go Directly to Site Search Go Directly to Site Navigation Search Search Button USING SSH SECURE SHELL TO CONNECT TO HOST ...
http://www.itcs.umich.edu/itcsdocs/s4304/ 05/22/15, 13148 bytes
Research Systems Unix Group: Fugu*
Home Software   dua   nefu   radmind   Fugu   iHook   beepage   netatalk   cosign   development Services   Directory   IMAP & POP   Monitoring   Hostmaster ...
http://rsug.itd.umich.edu/software/fugu/ 08/06/11, 8710 bytes
umweb: how-to*
home FAQ → how-to homepage cgi scripts weblogin htaccess private   webspace SQL log reports services software team contact HOW-TO home / how-to ...
http://www.umich.edu/~umweb/how-to/ 05/22/15, 10311 bytes
Known VPN Issues & Bugs*
These are the few issues known to cause problems with the U-M VPN. If you experience problems, check here, then call 4-HELP if your problem persists.
http://www.itcom.itd.umich.edu/vpn/bugs/ 05/22/15, 14257 bytes
ITS: Statistics and Computation Service*
ITS STATISTICS AND COMPUTATION SERVICE Need Help with the Software? The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research can assist you. They offer: ...
http://www.itcs.umich.edu/scs/ 05/22/15, 9022 bytes
ITS Login Service: Frequently Asked Questions - Commands*
« Login Service « Frequently Asked Questions SPECIFIC LOGIN COMMANDS AND WHEN TO USE THEM Show All Answers How do I change my password? Use the passwd ...
http://www.itcs.umich.edu/login/faq/commands.php 05/22/15, 10135 bytes
WiFi Frequently Asked Questions*
* Connecting to MWireless * About MWireless * About MGuest * About eduroam * Access Locations & Maps * Campus WiFi Upgrade Project * Troubleshooting ...
http://www.itcom.itd.umich.edu/wireless/faq.php 05/22/15, 20885 bytes

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