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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software | Adaptive Technology Computing Services
Skip to Content DRAGON NATURALLYSPEAKING SOFTWARE (WINDOWS) Manufacturer: Nuance Compatibility Note: At present, the Knox Center has Dragon Preferred ...

MAGic Magnification Software | Adaptive Technology Computing Services
Skip to Content MAGIC MAGNIFICATION SOFTWARE (WINDOWS) Manufacturer: Freedom Scientific Purpose: Magnify all or parts of the screen; modify how text ...

Software and Equipment - Knox Center (ATCS)
Skip to Content SOFTWARE AND EQUIPMENT AT THE KNOX CENTER SOFTWARE Supported software will be updated regularly to ensure we are running a current version ...

ITS Desktop Virtualization (VDI) Support & Help: Getting Started with VDI
Desktop Virtualization (VDI) FAQ Rates Order/Modify MyDesktop Support/Help Server Virtualization ITS Virtualization Services « Virtualization Services ...

Screen Readers (Windows and Mac) - ATCS
Skip to Content SCREEN READERS (WINDOWS AND MAC) PURPOSE OF SCREEN READERS * Screen readers compensate for the monitor by speaking information * Visible ...

Maintaining Access to M+Box Files After Your U-M Affiliation Ends
Log In to M+Box * Accessibility * About Your Account * Collaborate with M+Box * Personal M+Box Accounts * Shared M+Box Accounts * Store & Share Files ...

umweb: weblogin
Thursday April 24 2014 information technology central services at the university of michigan home FAQ → how-to cgi scripts → weblogin htaccess ...

Service Updates - Known Issues Following FWi 4.6 Upgrade
* About the Service * About the Service * Examples on Campus * How Does It Work? * Pricing * Preparations * Requests/Sign Up * Using the Service * Digital ...

Research Systems Unix Group: iHook Changelog
Home Software   dua   nefu   radmind   Fugu   iHook   beepage   netatalk   cosign   development Services   Directory   IMAP & POP   Monitoring   Hostmaster ...

ITSDocs: Using the Unix Text Editor Pico (R1168)
Go Directly to Page Content Go Directly to Site Search Go Directly to Site Navigation Search Search Button USING THE TEXT EDITOR PICO R1168 • November ...


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