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Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE)
INSTITUTE OF CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION (ICLE) FIRST FLOOR WiFi (MWireless, MGuest, eduroam) available in shaded areas 802.11 a/g 802.11 a/g/n FOR ASSISTANCE ...

Center for the Education of Women (Michigan Square)
CENTER FOR THE EDUCATION OF WOMEN (MICHIGAN SQUARE) Select a Floor to View: Second Floor Third Floor SECOND FLOOR WiFi (MWireless, MGuest, eduroam) available ...

School of Education
SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Select a Floor to View: Basement First Floor First Mezzanine Second Floor Second Mezzanine Third Floor Fourth Floor BASEMENT WiFi ...

M+Box Updates Archive: 2015
* Accessibility * About Your Account * Collaborate with M+Box * Individual M+Box Accounts * Shared M+Box Accounts * Store & Share Files * Editing Files ...

ITS: Faculty & Researcher Guide - General Computing Resources at U-M
GENERAL COMPUTING RESOURCES * Adaptive Technology * Administrative Services * Communication Services/Email * Data/Documents/Files * Education (on computing ...

ITS: Faculty & Researcher Guide - Computing Resources for Teaching at U-M
COMPUTING RESOURCES FOR TEACHING * Course Management * Classrooms * Data/Documents/Files * Education for Students (on computing topics) * Faculty Exploratory ...

U-M WiFi Network Locations
* WiFi Networks * MWireless * MGuest * eduroam * Connecting to MWireless * Access Locations & Maps * Compatible WiFi Devices * Campus WiFi Upgrade Project ...

ITS: Shibboleth: Documentation: Glossary
« Shibboleth at U-M SHIBBOLETH GLOSSARY A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Assertion See attribute assertion. Assertion Consumer Service ...

Faculty & Staff Billing FAQ
GENERAL INFORMATION * About Us * Announcements * Contact Information * Web Site Feedback * More » * Customer Service * Customer Service * Order Forms ...

Shibboleth: Frequently Asked Questions - Basics
« Shibboleth at U-M « Frequently Asked Questions SHIBBOLETH BASICS FAQ Show All Answers What is Shibboleth? Shibboleth is a standards-based, open source ...


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