ITS Exchange Service

Support Options for the ITS Exchange Service

When you subscribe to ITS Exchange, your staff, faculty and students as well as technical staff and administrators have access to a well-developed set of support resources:

For Your Staff, Faculty and Students

User Documentation

Online documentation about the ITS Exchange Service is available in the Using Exchange section in the lefthand menu of this site. This section contains configuration and use information for Windows, Macintosh and Web users as well as Frequently Asked Questions. It is highly descriptive and is geared toward staff, faculty and students using Exchange e-mail and calendaring services.

For help, contact the ITS Service Center.

If you suspect that the system is down:
Call 764-HELP: their recorded message will report any known outages.

  • During business hours, 4-HELP can help you directly
  • After business hours, also call Repair (647-8888) to report the problems.

Both will be able to contact the appropriate technologist.


For Your Administrators and IT Staff

Technical Documentation

Documentation geared to technical staff is available in the For IT Staff section. This documentation assumes technical familiarity and comfort with Windows and campus computing. It is oriented toward System Administrators or other computer support staff.

Request Forms

Departmental administrators have access to additional options for their users. Learn about these options and place requests for them on the Requests page.

Notification of Outages and Maintenance

If you wish to be notified of outages and scheduled maintenance to the Exchange service, you can join the MCommunity Directory group Details are available in the For IT Staff section.

Notices of outages and maintenance will also be recorded on the ITS status website, where they are publicly available.

24-Hour Emergency Support Number

Unit system administrators have a number they can call 24 hours a day for emergency support of this service. Details are available in the For IT Staff section.