ITS Exchange Service

Technical Documentation

The documentation here is a resource for departmental System Administrators and Helpdesk staff. It assumes technical familiarity and comfort with Windows and campus computing. Thus, most end users will probably prefer the documentation in the Using Exchange section.

All documents are in PDF format. Dates in parentheses indicate the document revision date.

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Account Setup

Set a Preferred Name in Wolverine Access (11/01/10)
This document explains how to set a preferred name. Exchange then uses the preferred name as the Display Name which appears in the Global Address List (GAL) and as a user's e-mail name.

Changing the Display Name for Exchange Users (06/28/11)
By default, a user's Display Name—which appears in the Global Address List (GAL) and as a user's e-mail name—is created from official name information in the MCommunity Directory. This document details how to change the Display Name, should a user wish to do that.

Exchange Naming Conventions (01/04/06)
It is important to adhere to these naming conventions, whether you are creating Exchange mailboxes for your users (Self Serve) or requesting them from ITS (Full Serve).

Configure Mailbox Access Delegation (7/10/13)
There are several scenarios that require that other users have access to mailboxes other than their own. This includes resource mailboxes (such as conference rooms) or assistants who need to manage items (such as the calendar) in another user's mailbox. The process of delegation allows for these types of scenarios.

Migrating from U-M Google Mail (09/03/13)
Unit IT Staff Procedures for Migrating from U-M Google to U-M Exchange Email and Calendaring.


UNIX Pine Setup Process to Access Exchange Mail Account (06/24/11)
This document describes how to set up Pine using the UMCE Login Service to access your Exchange e-mail account.

Exchange 2010

Clients Supported by Exchange 2010 (06/06/11)
This document lists both the desktop clients and (for OWA) the Web browsers supported by Exchange 2010.



Mobile Device Support

See also the Mobile Device Support page.

Android: Connecting to the ITS Exchange Service (08/01/10)
Document for Connecting Android devices to the ITS Exchange Service.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: Connecting to the ITS Exchange Service (07/01/10)
Document for Connecting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to the ITS Exchange Service.

Outlook Web App

OWA Workaround for Internet Explorer 9 (07/20/11)
This document describes how to resolve a situation in which some Internet Explorer 9 browsers fail to load Outlook Web App. There is both a quick fix and a more permanent one detailed.


ITS Exchange: E-mail Troubleshooting
Video and Presentation slides PDF
from a Windows Admin meeting on December 1, 2010.