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All requests may be made using the Exchange Request Form.

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Exchange Email and Calendaring accounts are only available for use by people who maintain sensitive research data. Requests for these accounts may be made by the following people: College of Engineering - Elizabeth Wagner (elwa), LSA - Tim Rolston (twrolsto), U-M Dearborn - Ron Frazier (ldkronos). Please contact the appropriate person for your unit if you have questions about your eligibility. For general questions contact the ITS Service Center.

Create, Modify or Delete a Mailbox

Use the Exchange Request form for requests regarding Exchange mailboxes. Only those authorized to make requests for users of sensitive research data may do so.

Modifying a mailbox includes the following changes and feature adds:

Display Name

It's now possible to provide users with display names that identify them the way they prefer.

A User Display Name is an Active Directory attribute in the form "last_name, first_name" — "Jensen, Barbara." Because it's used as the primary lookup field in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL), the last name is placed before the first name. The Display Name comes from the official name information in the MCommunity Directory.

The Display Name is also the user's e-mail name, and some users prefer their names to be a variant of their official name. With very few exceptions, this means changing the user's first name, but leaving the last name intact. For example, Barbara Jensen may prefer to be known as Barb Jensen.

Through Wolverine Access, most users can set their preferred name by themselves. To do so, see the FAQ question "Can I change the way my name appears in the Exchange Address Book (GAL)?" However, in a few rare cases, this may not be possible.

For more information on changing the Display Name, including considerations for private users, see Changing the Display Name for Exchange Users (PDF).

Restore Deleted Information/Mailboxes

Exchange offers a deleted-items recovery option. Deleted items are retained for 14 days after the user empties their deleted items folder. These items can be recovered by the user without local or system admin intervention:

Outlook (Win)
Outlook (Mac)
  See the question
"What happens when I delete a message, and how can I recover it?"
in the E-Mail FAQ

There are rare occasions when mailboxes may actually become corrupted. In this case, in order to regain data, the departmental Sys Admin needs to request a restore from the backup system. The backup system retains data for 7 days.

Mailboxes that have been deleted can be reconnected within 30 days of deletion. Request a mailbox reconnection using the Exchange Request form.

"Send As" Delegation

Assigning "Send As" Delegation to a Mailbox allows one individual to send e-mail "As" the other person. This option must be used with caution because e-mail sent by this individual will appear to be coming directly from the delegated mailbox.

See Understanding & Configuring Mailbox Access Delegation in the UMROOT Forest (PDF) for more information on Send As and Send on Behalf of delegation.