ITS Exchange Service

Additional Help and Resources for Exchange

The ITS Exchange Service site provides information and resources for topics specific to the ITS Exchange Service. Other, general, topics regarding email programs can be found in other locations.

  • from the vendor
  • from departmental IT staff
  • built-in to the email program
  • out on the Web

Microsoft Office Outlook

The Microsoft-delivered Outlook Help (Windows) and (Mac) provides documentation, videos, and questions and answers. (external site)

The Outlook bult-in help (Windows) and (Mac) provides more detailed information on using Outlook. It is located in the Outlook menu bar.

Apple Mail

The Apple-delivered Mail help provides documentation, videos, and demonstrations. (external site)

Microsoft Entourage

The Entourage built-in help provides more detailed information on using Entourage and in the Entourage menu bar is accessed from the Help menu .