ITS Exchange Service

Additional Options

If you would like to like to request one of these options, contact your department's Exchange administrator (unless otherwise noted).

Task Description Notes
Assign "Send As" Delegation to Mailbox Allows one individual to send e-mail "As" the other person. This option must be used with caution because e-mail sent by this individual will appear to be coming directly from the delegated mailbox. You may prefer using Send On Behalf delegation instead, as it allows the receiver to discern the true sender of the e-mail.
Change User's Display Name Allows users to have display names that identify them the way they prefer. You may be able to change this yourself. See Display Name below.
Restore Mailbox from Backup Recovers the mailbox from backup media and delivers it to the user in a Personal Storage (.pst) file. This option is for recovering a mailbox that has become corrupted, and carries a substantial fee based on the time to restore the mailbox.

You should rarely need this service. If you want to retrieve some missing information, there are steps you can take yourself first to see if you can recover it. If this does not work, be sure to contact your departmental Exchange administrator well within 7 days to have them request a Restore. See Restoring Deleted Information below.


Display Name

It's now possible to provide users with display names that identify them the way they prefer. A User Display Name is an Active Directory attribute in the form "last_name, first_name" — "Jensen, Barbara." Because it's used as the primary lookup field in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL), the last name is placed before the first name. The Display Name comes from the official name information in the MCommunity Directory.

The Display Name is also the user's e-mail name, and some users prefer their names to be a variant of their official name. With very few exceptions, this means changing the user's first name, but leaving the last name intact. For example, Barbara Jensen may prefer to be known as Barb Jensen.

Through Wolverine Access, most users can set their preferred name by themselves. To do so, see the FAQ question "Can I change the way my name appears in the Exchange Address Book (GAL)?" However, in a few rare cases, this may not be possible.

If the above process doesn't work or if you have questions, contact your department's Exchange administrator.

Restoring Deleted Information

Exchange offers a deleted-items recovery option. Deleted items are retained for 14 days after the user empties their deleted items folder. These items can be recovered by the user without local or system admin intervention:

See the question "What happens when I delete a message, and how can I recover it?" in the E-Mail FAQ.

There are rare occasions when mailboxes may actually become corrupted. In this case, in order to regain data, you would need to request a restore from the backup system. The backup system retains data for 7 days. To place a restore request, contact your departmental System Administrator.