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Mobile Devices

Support for Mobile Devices

Exchange connectivity is available for many smart phones and wireless devices. Most commonly, these devices support over-the-air two-way synchronization of at least e-mail and calendar items. Some offer more or less. Some platforms have native support and are free; others require additional components and servers and may have a fee attached to them.

Support for connectivity of these devices is categorized by platform OS and connectivity software rather than by device or wireless carrier. In each category, there are dozens of vendors, models and wireless carrier options.

Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange Active Sync is part of Exchange Server and is natively supported by Windows Mobile phones, iPhones, and other devices. It requires no additional hardware or administration on the backend and no additional license fees.

The following types of devices and platforms are supported:

Types of Devices

IMAP Software for Email

Exchange supports any kind of secure IMAP client for access to Exchange email only. Support for IMAP clients on mobile devices is the same as the support for computer clients — limited to providing the back-end service. A very popular client is Chatteremail.

Setup and Use Information

More Help from ITS

The ITS Service Center can help you with using your mobile device with the ITS Exchange Service.

For all other issues—including wireless connectivity and problems with your mobile device—please contact your service provider, such as Verizon or Sprint.