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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Exchange account?

There is no software named "Exchange" that you install on your computer. Exchange is the name of an online service. However, you will need software to access the service.

On Campus

To access Exchange when you're on campus, we recommend Microsoft Outlook.

If this is your first time accessing Exchange:
you will need to configure the software to use with your Exchange account:

Off Campus

To access your Exchange account when you're away from campus, see Connecting to Your ITS Exchange Account from Off Campus.

How do I log in?

Using Outlook Web App (OWA)

  1. Point your web browser to

  2. At the login screen:

    log in screen

    1. In the User name field, enter your uniqname.

    2. In the Password field, enter your Exchange password. (If you don't know what your Exchange password is, see the next question.)

    3. Click sign in.

What is my Exchange password, and how do I change it?

What it is. Your Exchange password is your UMICH password. Whether you use Outlook on Windows or Mac OS X to access your Exchange e-mail and calendar, you log in using your uniqname and UMICH password.

Where to change it. Change this password on the Change Password page.

You can also use the Change Password page if you need to set or reset your UMICH password.

Instructions for using the Change Password page and tips for choosing a secure password are in Choosing and Changing a Secure UMICH Password.

Can I change the way my name appears in the Exchange Address Book (GAL)?

The way your name appears in Exchange is known as your Display Name. If you prefer to be known by a variation of your name, you can create a preferred name in Wolverine Access, the site where you view your paycheck. Typically, this involves changing your first name while keeping your last. For example, Barbara Jensen may prefer to be known as Barb Jensen. For more information on preferred names at U-M, please refer to The U-M Preferred Names Policy and Your Directory Entry.

Setting Your Display Name

Note: the following steps may not change your Exchange Display Name if:

Note: This method provides your preferred name to all U-M online directories.

  1. Log on to Wolverine Access the same way as if you were going to view your paycheck or student account.

  2. In the Self Service window under Campus Personal Information, click Names.

    Wolverine Access Self Service window

  3. Near the bottom of the the Names window, click Add a new name.

    Wolverine Access Names window

  4. In the Add a new name window:

    1. Wolverine Access Add a new name window

      From the Name Type pull-down menu, select Preferred Name of Record.

    2. Complete the appropriate fields and click Save.

  5. In the Save Confirmation window, click OK.

  6. For your security, please be sure to:

    1. On the Self Service page, click Sign out.

    2. On the Wolverine Access home page, click Log Out.

More Details

For more in-depth instructions on Getting Started, see this documentation:



Mobile Devices:

For FAQs and docs on using mobile devices with Exchange, see the Mobile Devices page.