ITS General Computing

File Storage & Backup

File Storage

When you've got a set of files to store, whether for safekeeping or to share with a group

For Faculty & Staff

Storage Services
For researchers and departments/units needing shared space

For Students & Personal Files of Faculty/Staff

50GB of free storage space

Google Drive
unlimited storage for files converted to native Drive formats; up to 30GB of shared storage (with Mail) for files that have not been converted

AFS personal storage
10GB of free storage space is available to all eligible U-M individuals upon request

U-M Computer Showcase
The Showcase sells USB flash drives, hard drives, memory cards, and blank CDs and DVDs on which you can store files.

File Backup

For storing a copy of all your files, in case of a virus, hard drive crash, or other emergency

For Faculty & Staff

This department workstation management service includes file backups

U-M staff and faculty can use our secure, automated Backup Services

For Students & Personal Files of Faculty/Staff

The ITS Tech Repair Service can perform one-time backups of your data

U-M Computer Showcase
Purchase hard drives, blank CDs, blank DVDs, and USB flash drives on which to do your own file backup. Today your operating system offers sophisticated and easy-to-use backup features.