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ITS Faculty & Researcher Guide

Computing Resources for Research


Do statistical or other complex computation Visit About the Login Service to learn about using a shared pool of machines and pre-installed software.

Visit Statistics and Computation Service to use advanced statistical and mathematical software.

Visit Flux to learn more about U-M's research computing resources and shared HPC cluster, or email hpc-support@umich.edu to learn how to participate.


Keep sensitive data on mobile devices safe Visit Protect Your Mobile Device to learn how to keep data stored on mobile devices safe.
Manage your research group's Andrew File System (AFS) files via the Web Visit MFile to store and manage your research group's files and access them from any location.
Choose the file storage option that will best meet your research group's needs Go to Storage Services to learn about several file storage alternatives.
Back up your research group's documents or data Visit Backup Services to learn about service options.
Place data and/or computers in properly conditioned space Learn about the Michigan Academic Computer Center (MACC). Check with your department IT staff to determine if space is available in the MACC.

Digital Media

Use digital video, audio, and images Learn about BlueStream's powerful features for using digital video, audio, and images.


Prepare and submit your research proposal Visit eResearch to manage the complete proposal process.

Faculty Exploratory

Enhance your research presentation and publication skills Visit Faculty Exploratory for advice or for help with digitizing video, audio, photographs, and slides and presentations on multimedia workstations.


Get help with the eResearch application Contact the ITS Service Center to submit inquiries at any time.

Project/Grant Financial Status

Review your project/grant balances(s), including projections for future commitments Visit Wolverine Access, click M-Reports under Reporting and view the Research tab for the up-to-date financial status of all your projects (sponsored, gift, and internally funded).

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Prepare and submit your research proposal Visit eResearch to manage the complete proposal process.
Make sure your proposal complies with all legal requirement Go to Regulatory Management to manage your research from a legal perspective.

Research Compliance

Comply with laws when using human subjects in your research Visit eResearch to submit your human subjects research application to the required Institutional Review Board and other committees.

Research Networks

Network with others doing similar or related work Visit Michigan LambdaRail (MiLR) to find out about low-cost, 10 gigabit-per-second Ethernet connections to national and international research and education connection points.

Social Media/Web Services

Organize your project materials on the Web Visit CTools to organize and access project materials on the Web. No knowledge of html is necessary.
Create a website or database for your research group or other group Visit the the Hosting Services category of the Michigan IT Service Portal to see what's available, how you can use the various services offered, and how to get started.
Publish a group blog to share news about your research Go to M+Google Blogger for information on how to set up and maintain a group blog.
Host a video conference in support of your research Go to Video Conferencing Service and Rates to set up your video conference and learn about pricing.
Get a web application for a lab, department, or other group Visit the Web Application Hosting category of the Michigan IT Service Portal to see what's available, how you can use the various services, and how to get started.


Use the best statistical approach for your project Visit the Center for Statistical Computation and Research to consult with an expert on all aspects of quantitative research.