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ITS Faculty & Researcher Guide

Computing Resources for Teaching

Course Management

Manage all of your class and academic advisee related activities from one location Visit the Faculty Center at Wolverine Access to:
  • manage your class rosters and securely communicate with students.
  • enter, review and submit grades.
  • assign proxies to view class rosters and enter, submit or change grades.
  • order textbooks.
  • review online teaching evaluations and view evaluation reports.
  • link directly to CTools.
  • access the Faculty Center Help Menu for more information.
Organize your class materials on the Web Visit CTools to organize and access course materials on the Web. No knowledge of html is necessary.
Communicate with students via a mailing list U-M instructors on the Ann Arbor campus can create course groups in MCommunity and U-M Google based on course data in Wolverine Access. These groups can be used for sending email and sharing Google resources.
Create units or lessons online Visit UM.Lessons to learn how it works and to get started.


Reserve a Sites computer classroom Go to classrooms and select Departmental Services to check availability and select dates and times.


Get Andrew File System (AFS) space Use AFS space for class file-sharing. Contact the ITS Service Center to reserve your space.
See also: General resources for other File Storage and Backup resources

Education for Students (on computer-related topics)

Make sure students have the basic IT skills they need for your class Visit Technical Training at U-M to review available courses, or arrange for an IT professional to teach students necessary computer skills.

Faculty Exploratory

Enhance your lecturing and publication skills Visit Faculty Exploratory for advice or for help with digitizing video, audio, photographs and slides for your classes and presentations on multimedia workstations.

Hardware for Students

Require students to purchase a handheld device (i>clickers) Order classroom devices (i>clickers) for students to purchase at the U-M Computer Showcase. See your department's IT staff for classroom setup.


Get help with the Faculty Center application Contact the ITS Service Center to submit inquiries at any time.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Advise a student about the hazards of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing Visit Digital Copyright Compliance to learn how students can unwittingly engage in unlawful P2P filesharing. Also learn what they can do to stop the file-sharing or do it lawfully.


Request course-specific software to be placed in Campus Computing Sites Go to Sites Software Request, choose General Information and then Software in Sites. For timely installation, please provide the Sites team with at least three weeks' advance notice.

Web Services

Build a class or group blog Visit U-M Google Sites & Blogger to learn how to set up and maintain a group blog.
Podcast your lecture Visit U-M on iTunes U and click Contribute to share your lectures or other information via downloadable audio or video files.
Get a web application for class use Visit U-M Web: Services to see what's available, how you can use the various services offered, and how to get started.