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Friend Accounts FAQ

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What is a Friend account?

A Friend account is basically a U-M guest computing account. It is intended to grant short-term, limited access to a U-M online resource such as student billing. People who need access to standard computing services such as U-M email can be sponsored by the department they are affiliated with.

How do I set up a Friend account?

You can use your non-UMICH email address to set up a Friend account. See Set Up a Friend Account for Guest Access to U-M Computing Resources (S4316).

Can anyone get a Friend account?

Anyone who has a non-UMICH email address can get a Friend account.

How do I log in with a Friend account?

You can log in with a Friend account at the U-M Weblogin page. The email address that the friend account was set up with is the login ID, and the password is the password created with the friend account. You will only be able to log in to a resource that you have been authorized to access.

How do I change or reset my Friend account password?

See Changing Your Friend Password/​If You Forget Your Password for instructions.

I am a parent with a Friend account. Where do I go to see my student's online bills?

If your student has authorized your Friend account to access their online bills, you can log on to Wolverine Access and click the MY STUDENT'S INFORMATION link. If your student has not authorized your Friend account to access this information, see Parent/​Family Authorization and Access for instructions on how to gain access.

What services can be used with Friend accounts? Are there any restrictions on this?

Friend accounts can only be used with services that use U-M Weblogin for logging in. Also, Friend accounts must be authorized for use with each desired service by the service provider. Examples include Wolverine Access or My LINC.

What happens to my Friend account if my email address changes?

If your email address changes, you will need to create a new Friend account. If you were authorized to use a service using your old Friend account, you will need to be reauthorized with your new Friend account.

Do Friend accounts expire?

No. Friend accounts do not expire.

I can log in with my Friend account, but I can't use the service I want to use. Why not?

You need to ask the service provider to authorize access to your Friend account.

When do Friend account holders receive notification of online bills? In other words, when are the bills sent?

If there has been any activity (that is, there is a new balance to be paid or a payment has been made) within the past month, you will receive an email message from Student Financial Services. The e-mail notifications of online bills are sent monthly between the 5th and 10th of the month.