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Connecting to the Internet FAQ

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Ethernet (Residence Halls and Offices)

How do I set up an Ethernet connection in a residence hall room?

Follow the instructions in the ResComp Networking Guide to connect your computer to the Internet using the Ethernet connection in your U-M residence hall room.

How do I get an Ethernet connection in a campus office?

Different departments on campus handle this differently. Contact your department's system administrator to find out how to get connected.

For information about U-M data networks, see the Networking & Telecommunications website.

Cable Modems

How do I get a high-speed connection from home for accessing U-M computing services?

You can obtain a high-speed Internet connection from a number of commercial providers. Broadband is available from Comcast in the Ann Arbor area, and several phone companies offer DSL services. Look in your local Yellow Pages under "Internet Access Providers."


Where are the wireless connections on the U-M campus?

See University of Michigan Wireless Network Locations for a map and other information about WiFi locations on campus.

See WiFi at U-M for general information about WiFi on campus.

How do I set up my computer to use WiFi at U-M?

See About MWireless for information about setting up your computer with the right wireless card and more.

For general information, see WiFi at U-M.

Northwood Community Apartments

How do I get an Internet connection in U-M on-campus apartments?

For information about Internet connection options available to residents of the Northwood Community Apartments, see the Northwood Net page.

Getting Help

Where can I learn more about ways to connect to the Internet and U-M networks?

Networking & Telecommunications, a unit of ITS, provides computer, data, network, and video services to the Ann Arbor campus, as well as providing telephone services to the Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses. To learn more about ways to connect to the Internet and U-M networks, see the Networking & Telecommunications website.

My question about connecting to the Internet isn't in this list. Who can I ask for help?

The ITS Service Center can answer your questions about connecting to U-M computing services and the Internet. Contact it by sending email to or phoning (734) 764-HELP [764-4357].

General information about connecting to U-M networks is on the Networking & Telecommunications website.

These services are available to members of the University of Michigan community only.