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Uniqnames and Passwords FAQ

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What are uniqnames and UMICH passwords?

You use your uniqname and UMICH password when you log in to Wolverine Access and to most university computing services (such as U-M Google, MFile, your MCommunity Directory profile, and more). People at the U-M Health System refer to the UMICH password as the Level-1 password.

A uniqname is like a user ID or user name and is part of your email address. Uniqnames are made up of three to eight alphabetic characters (for example, bjensen). You can tell anyone your uniqname.

Your UMICH password proves you are who you say you are. NEVER tell anyone your UMICH password — not even your parents, best friend or computer support personnel. Doing so would put all of your personal information stored within the U-M computing environment at risk.

Find out how to select a safe UMICH password.

How do I get a uniqname and UMICH password?

See Procedures for Getting a Uniqname and MCommunity Directory Profile.


Can I change my uniqname?

You can request a uniqname change for reasons such as misspellings, legal name changes, marriage, divorce, harassment, or if your originally selected uniqname contains profanity. Your uniqname is used for access to multiple systems at U-M, so changing it can be time-consuming, particularly if you have administrative or elevated access to data or systems. Please consider carefully if you are contemplating a uniqname change and plan ahead to minimize disruption. See Changing Your Uniqname for details.

What happens to my uniqname if I leave the university?

See What Happens to Your Uniqname, Directory Profile, and Computing Services After You Leave U-M.