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S4425 Supporting and Troubleshooting Desktop Backup
S4402 Using the MCommunityGidNumber API (Web Service)
S4401 Using the MCommunityUidNumber API (Web Service)
S4400 Using the MCommunity People API
S4399 Managing MCommunity Groups and UMICH Passwords for Shared Accounts
S4398 How to Set Up a Shibboleth 2.X Service Provider on Linux and Apache
S4397 Configuring Your Service Provider for Step-Up Two-Factor Authentication (Duo)
S4396 Configuring Your Service Provider for Two-Factor Authentication (Duo)
S4395 MToken Administration
S4394 Obtaining, Activating, and Using an MToken
S4392 Using Desktop Backup
S4390 Course Groups in MCommunity and Google
S4389 Signing In and Out of Your M+Google Account Via the Web
S4388 How to Set Up a Shibboleth 2.X Service Provider on Windows and IIS
S4387 Use WinSCP to Transfer Files with sftp [Windows]
S4386 Use PuTTY to Connect to Host Computers [Windows}
S4385 Administrative Access to the MCommunity Directory
S4384 Forwarding or Redirecting Your U-M E-mail Using the MCommunity Directory
S4383 Tips for Searching the MCommunity Directory
S4382 Managing Groups that You Own in the MCommunity Directory
S4381 Managing Your Membership in MCommunity Directory Groups
S4380 Managing Your Profile in the MCommunity Directory
S4379 ITS Exchange: Setting Up Outlook on a Macintosh
S4378 ITS Exchange: Setting Up Android
S4375 ITS Exchange: Setting Up iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
S4374 ITS Exchange: Setting Up Outlook on Windows
S4372 ITS Exchange: Configuring Apple Mail and iCal
S4371 Communicating and Resetting Passwords for Sponsored People
S4370 MCommunity: Sponsoring Short-Term Guests Using File Import
S4369 MCommunity: Sponsoring New Employees to Get them Uniqnames, UMIDs, and Access
S4366 Installing and Using Sophos Anti-Virus 7 for Mac OS X
S4364 Configuring Servers for cosign v3
S4363 Microsoft Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) at U-M
S4362 Microsoft Key Management Server (KMS) at U-M
S4356 Using the MCommunity Sponsor System Via the Web
S4354 ITS Exchange: Configuring IMAP Clients
S4351 Using Sites Software Remotely with Virtual Sites
S4350 Printing to Campus Printers with MPrint
S4349 Managing Access to IFS Group Directories for Web Sites
S4346 ITS Exchange: Connecting from Off Campus
S4341 E-Mail Settings for Authenticated SMTP
S4337 Sending Invitations to Create Friend Guest Accounts
S4336 Responding to a Friend Guest Account Invitation
S4323 Using the Do Not Spam List to Reduce Spam
S4316 How to Set Up a Friend Account for Guest Access to U-M Computing Resources
S4311 Using MFile To Access Your IFS Home Directory Over the Web
S4307 Using Web-Authenticated Resources (Weblogin Using CoSign) at U-M
S4299 Using SSH Secure Shell to Transfer Files with sftp [Windows]
S4298 Macintosh Internet Access Kit for Mac OS X
S4293 Restricting Access to Your Web Pages
S4269 Windows Internet Access Kit
S4200 Computer Virus Protection at the University of Michigan
S4176 Browsing the World Wide Web With Lynx
S4149 List Contents and Navigate Unix Directories
S4148 Create, Copy, Rename, and Remove Unix Files and Directories
S4147 Obtaining Software From the ITS Software Distribution Directory (swdist)
S4111 Using Access Control Lists (ACLs) With IFS Directories and Folders
S4110 Using IFS File Backup and Restore Services [Oldfiles and Operator Restores]
S4033 Creating and Using Protection (pts) Groups for IFS
R1472 Shibboleth Service Provider Configuration Resources
R1470 MiDatabase Support
R1469 MiServer Support
R1468 Storage Solutions Summary Chart
R1466 MCommunity Groups in M+Google: Sending Email and Sharing Google Resources
R1465 U-M Shibboleth Attribute Release Policy and Procedure
R1464 Logging in to Shibboleth-Enabled Services and Websites
R1463 LDAP Access to the MCommunity Directory
R1462 An Overview of the MCommunity Directory Via the Web
R1461 The U-M Preferred Name Policy and Your Directory Entry
R1460 MCommunity Sponsoring Authority Policies and Agreement
R1459 MCommunity Sponsorship Administration Policies and Agreement
R1458 MCommunity Sponsor System Overview
R1457 MCommunity Overview
R1455 Directory Group Expiry Policy
R1454 Guidelines and Registration Form for Use of the ITS Mail Relay Service
R1447 U-M Internet Configuration Fact Sheet
R1172 Using the Unix Text Editor vi
R1168 Using the Unix Text Editor Pico
R1162 Choosing and Changing a Safe and Secure UMICH Password
R1159 Frequently Used Unix Commands
R1135 All-Password Reset Policies, Procedures, and Agreement
R1132 IFS Course Home Directory Application
R1070 IFS Overview