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U-M Internet Configuration Fact Sheet

R1447 • November 2013

This document lists configuration information, such as server addresses, for those who want to configure their own Internet software to connect to ITS services. It does not explain how to configure your software, but simply lists the configuration information you will need to enter. See Additional Resources at the end of this document for other configuration information resources.

If your school, college, or unit provides computing services, check with your computer support person for the appropriate configuration information for those services.

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The M+Google email platform, powered by Google, works in a similar manner to the Google email application many of you use for personal email. It includes Google Contacts, Tasks, and Chat – and with 30 GB of personal storage, plenty of room to save the information you rely on. The recommended interface for M+Google mail is a web browser logged in through

More information on M+Google mail is available on the M+Google website.


IP Address Obtain from Server
Domain Name Servers (DNS)
Domain Suffix Search Order

Secure Wireless at U-M

ITS offers two secure wireless (WiFi) networks for those with valid uniqnames and UMICH Kerberos passwords. Of the two, MWireless is the preferred network for students, faculty, and staff.


ITS Login Service (Use SSH or other secure software to connect)
For file transfer to your AFS Home Directory (Use SFTP or other secure file transfer software) Host:
Directory: leave blank
ITS Software Distribution Directory Host:
Directory: /afs/
U-M Online Directory LDAP server Host:
Search path: dc=umich, dc=edu
Port number: 389
MCommunity LDAP server Host:
Search path: dc=umich, dc=edu
Port number: 389
Finger Server
NTP (Network Time Protocol) Server

Additional Resources

For detailed e-mail configuration information for many different e-mail clients, see Configuring Your E-Mail Program to Connect to the ITS E-Mail Service (S4321).

System administrators looking for more advanced configuration information may want to look at the System Administration and Configuration FAQ.

Information and Technology Services (ITS) provides configuration help in two ways:

  • the U-M Blue Disc website provides free U-M-configured Internet and anti-virus software for Windows and Macintosh computers. This is all most users will need.

  • ITS consultants can assist with many configuration issues by calling (734) 764-HELP [764-4357] or sending a question to

Visit ITS's Information System to obtain ITS computing documentation and other resources.

The ITS Service Center provides a variety of computing help resources.

For further help with this or any other topic, call 734-764-HELP [4357] or submit an online service request.