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Newly Released or Revised ITS Documentation

Doc# Document Title Updated
S4398 How to Set Up a Shibboleth 2.X Service Provider on Linux and Apache April 4, 2014
S4382 Managing Groups that You Own in the MCommunity Directory February 16, 2014
R1466 MCommunity Groups in M+Google: Sending Email and Sharing Google Resources February 16, 2014
S4381 Managing Your Membership in MCommunity Directory Groups February 16, 2014
S4383 Tips for Searching the MCommunity Directory February 10, 2014
S4385 Administrative Access to the MCommunity Directory February 10, 2014
R1103 Guidelines for Implementing the Proper Use Policy of the University of Michigan: Responsible Use of Technology Resources February 4, 2014
S4351 Using Sites Software Remotely with Virtual Sites February 4, 2014
R1459 MCommunity Sponsorship Administration Policies and Agreement January 31, 2014
R1472 Shibboleth Service Provider Configuration Resources January 24, 2014
R1458 MCommunity Sponsor System Overview January 24, 2014