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Doc# Document Title Updated
S4316 How to Set Up a Friend Account for Guest Access to U-M Computing Resources February 25, 2015
S4407 ITS Digital Signage: Adding Weather Content to Your Digital Sign February 20, 2015
S4369 MCommunity: Sponsoring New Employees to Get them Uniqnames, UMIDs, and Access February 11, 2015
S4366 Installing and Using Sophos Anti-Virus 7 for Mac OS X February 3, 2015
S4362 Microsoft Key Management Server (KMS) at U-M February 2, 2015
R1457 MCommunity Overview January 13, 2015
S4419 ITS Digital Signage: Adding Date and Time to Your Digital Sign January 9, 2015
S4418 ITS Digital Signage: Managing a Digital Sign's Content Using an External File December 12, 2014
S4417 ITS Digital Signage: Configuring Wayfinding on a Digital Sign December 10, 2014