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Doc# Document Title Updated
S4418 ITS Digital Signage: Managing a Digital Sign's Content Using an External File December 12, 2014
S4419 ITS Digital Signage: Adding Date and Time to Your Digital Sign December 12, 2014
S4417 ITS Digital Signage: Configuring Wayfinding on a Digital Sign December 10, 2014
S4404 ITS Digital Signage: Creating Adobe PDF Content for Your Digital Sign November 14, 2014
S4394 Obtaining, Activating, and Using an MToken November 9, 2014
S4395 MToken Administration November 9, 2014
R1457 MCommunity Overview October 28, 2014
R1162 Choosing and Changing a Safe and Secure UMICH Password October 22, 2014
S4380 Managing Your Profile in the MCommunity Directory October 18, 2014
S4385 Administrative Access to the MCommunity Directory October 10, 2014
S4382 Managing Groups that You Own in the MCommunity Directory October 8, 2014
S4400 Using the MCommunity People API October 2, 2014
S4401 Using the MCommunityUidNumber API (Web Service) October 2, 2014
S4402 Using the MCommunityGidNumber API (Web Service) October 2, 2014