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Set Up Entourage 2004 with Exchange on a Macintosh

S4328 • April 2007

OUTLOOK 2011 AND ENTOURAGE 2008: We highly recommend you use either Outlook 2011 or Entourage 2008, part of Microsoft Office 2011 or 2008. They are available at no cost for university-owned computers; please check with your system administrator. For personally-owned computers, you can purchase Office 2011 at a significant educational discount at the U-M Computer Showcase.

This document explains the ITS Exchange service, and shows how to use Microsoft Entourage to create and access your Exchange account and how to connect to your Exchange account when you are off campus.

It refers specifically to the Exchange Service provided by Information and Technology Services (ITS). Some schools and departments — including the Business School, Business and Finance, and Institute for Social Research (ISR) — provide their own Exchange services.

WARNING! Please make certain the Entourage on your computer is version 11.2.1 or later (but not 11.2.3). This free version upgrade fixes some very important problems and provides significant enhancements. For details, refer to Appendix A: Determining Your Entourage Version and Updating It.

11.2.3 BUG: Anyone using Entourage 11.2.3 should perform a free upgrade. Check for the latest Microsoft Office 2004 update.

Table of Contents

What Is Exchange?

Exchange is Microsoft's messaging system that provides email, calendaring, and other features. It resides on a server rather than on your computer. Because of this, you'll never see an Exchange application on your computer.

Microsoft Entourage 2004 — part of the Office 2004 suite — allows you to access your Exchange account where you can:

  • maintain your email with folders and anti-spam filtering.

  • keep a personal calendar and schedule meetings with others.

  • manage your contacts and tasks.

  • use shared calendars, email groups, and task lists for collaborative projects.

  • delegate (or proxy) your email and calendar.

  • sync with a PDA (such as a Palm).

You should already have received the QUICK Source help guide, Entourage 2004: Getting Started. If not, please check with your IT department.

Software Recommendations

Entourage 2004 is a component of Microsoft Office 2004. Microsoft strongly recommends version 11.2.1 or later (but not 11.2.3). If you need assistance, please refer to Appendix A: Determining Your Entourage Version and Updating It.

11.2.3 BUG: Anyone using Entourage 11.2.3 should perform a free upgrade. Check for the latest Microsoft Office 2004 update.

Microsoft also recommends Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later. For your security, we highly recommend you use the latest operating system your Macintosh can run.

Your Windows Active Directory Password

Even though you have a Macintosh, you must create a Windows Active Directory password before you can use your Exchange account.

  1. Connect to the Change Password page.

  2. Log in with your uniqname and UMICH Kerberos password.

  3. From the main screen:

    1. Click the Windows Active Directory tab.
    2. Following the rules found below the Reset button, enter your new password.
    3. Confirm your new password by reentering it.
    4. Click the Reset Windows Active Directory Password button.

    Windows Active Directory screen

Configuring Entourage


  1. Start Entourage.
    YOUR FIRST TIME? You may see the next two screens. If so, please follow steps a and b; otherwise, proceed to step 2.

    1. In the default email dialog box, select your choice. You will most likely want to choose Make Default.

      Make Entourage Default Email? Window

    2. In the Entourage Setup Assistant window, click the Close button. DO NOT run the Assistant by clicking the right arrow.

      Entourage Setup Assistant window

  2. With Entourage running, click the Entourage menu and select Account Settings.

    Entourage menu

  3. In the Accounts window:

    1. Select the Exchange tab.
    2. Click New.

    Entourage Accounts window

  4. In the Account Setup Assistant window:

    1. Enter your email address.
    2. Click Configure account manually.

    Entourage Account Setup Assistant window

    1. In the Edit Account window:

      1. Click the Account Settings tab.
      2. In the Account Name field, enter a descriptive name.
      3. In the Name field, enter your name as you want it to appear in your email.
      4. In the Domain field, enter "UMROOT".
      5. In the Exchange server field, enter "".
      6. Click the checkbox marked "This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL)".
      7. Click the Advanced tab.

      Entourage Edit Account window

      WARNING! DO NOT enter your password here. Doing so will allow anyone having access to your computer to read your email and to send messages in your name. Your calendar, tasks, and contact list can also be modified.

      You will be prompted for your password whenever you log in.

    2. With the Advanced tab selected:

      1. In the Public folders server field, enter "".
      2. Click the checkbox marked "This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL)".
      3. In the LDAP server field, enter "".
      4. Click the checkbox marked "This LDAP server requires a secure connection (SSL)".
      5. Click OK.

      Entourage Edit Account window with Advanced tab selected

  5. In the Enter domain, account ID, and password window:

    1. In the Password field, enter your Exchange/Windows Active Directory password.
    2. Click OK.

    Enter Account ID and password window

    WARNING! NEVER click the "Save password" checkbox. Doing so allows anyone gaining access to your computer to use your Exchange account. Among other things, that person can read your email and could send malicious messages in your name.

  6. Start using your Exchange account! Read the Welcome Message from the ITS Exchange Team for valuable information regarding your new Exchange account.
    HINT: Visit the ITS Exchange Service website for more helpful information.

MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR EXCHANGE email: email sent to you from other Exchange users is available only in Entourage. If you only use Entourage, this is not a problem. However, if you sometimes read your messages in other email programs — such as the web-based — you will not see messages sent to your Exchange account. This can be confusing, because you'll always see email sent to you at in both Entourage and other U-M email services.

Setting Up Spam Filtering

Exchange uses the Brightmail spam detection system. To take advantage of Brightmail, you need to configure Entourage or Outlook [Windows].

USING MORE THAN ONE COMPUTER? Entourage only stores the Brightmail setting on the computer you set it up on. If you access your Exchange account from more than one computer — from one at work and at home, or from a desktop and a laptop — you have two options to have the Brightmail spam detection system work on all of your computers:

  • if one of your computers runs Windows or you have access to a Windows computer, you only need to configure Brightmail once using Outlook. Outlook stores the Brightmail settings on the Exchange server, so you always have spam protection regardless of the computer you use.

  • configure Entourage on each Macintosh individually using the following steps:

  1. Open Entourage and log in.

  2. Under the Tools menu, select Rules.

  3. In the Rules window:

    1. Click the Mail (Exchange) tab.
    2. Click New.

    Entourage Rules window

  4. In the first half of the Edit Rule window:

    1. In the Rule name field, enter "Brightmail".
    2. From the rule pull-down menu, select Specific header.
    3. In the next text field, enter "X-Spam-Flag".
    4. From the next pull-down menu, select Is.
    5. In the next text field, enter "YES" in all caps.

    Entourage Edit Rule window

  5. In the second half of the Edit Rule window:

    1. From the pull-down menu, select Move message.
    2. From the next pull-down menu, select Choose folder....

    Entourage Edit Rule window

  6. In the Choose Folder window: select the Junk E-mail folder on the Exchange server.

    Entourage Choose Folder window

  7. Your Edit Rule window should now look like this:

    1. If your window looks like the screen shot, click OK.
    2. Restart Entourage to activate Brightmail.

    Entourage Edit Rule window

    KEEP SPAM IN ITS PLACE: If you create other rules, this rule must always be first in the list in order to take full advantage of Brightmail's spam detection system.

    Entourage Edit Rule window

Accessing Exchange From Off Campus

When you're not on campus — at home, for example, or traveling — there are several ways to connect your Mac to your ITS Exchange account.
NOTE: These methods also work on campus.

Additional Resources

More information is available at the ITS Exchange Service's website.

Also visit ITS's Information System to obtain ITS computer documentation and other resources. A list of relevant documents follows:

The ITS Service Center provides a variety of computing help resources.

For further help with this or any other topic, call 734-764-HELP [4357] or submit an online service request.

Appendix A: Determining Your Entourage Version and Updating It

The version of Entourage that originally came with Office 2004 had a bug that could lose some of your email and calendar items. For your protection, please verify that you are using at least version 11.2.1 or later (but not 11.2.3).

11.2.3 BUG: Anyone using Entourage 11.2.3 should perform a free upgrade. Check for the latest Microsoft Office 2004 update.
  1. With Entourage open, from the Entourage menu, select About Entourage.

    Entourage menu with About Entourage selected

  2. In the About Entourage window, check the version number. Microsoft highly recommends version 11.2.1 or later.

    About Entourage window

  3. To get your free Entourage update, visit Microsoft's Mactopia website.