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ITS Exchange: Connecting from Off Campus

S4346 • May 2011

When you're not on campus — at home, for example, or traveling — there are several ways to connect your Windows computer to your ITS Exchange account. This document explains the methods, provides pros and cons, and provides links to information on using them.
HINT: These methods also work on campus.

Table of Contents

Outlook Web App (OWA)

  • Pros

    • best way to connect if you're not using your own computer because it does not require any configuring

    • connect using most web browsers

    • does not require that Outlook be installed on the computer you're using

  • Cons

    • must be connected to the Internet so you can't work off-line

    • cannot sync mobile devices such as PDAs and smart phones without Exchange ActiveSync

  • See also

Outlook Anywhere

Formerly known as RPC over HTTPS. New versions of Outlook for Windows will set up the client this way by default.

  • Pros

    • your Exchange account works just as if you were on campus

    • can work off-line and automatically sync your account when you are connected

  • Cons

    • requires Outlook be properly configured on the computer you're using

  • See also

Outlook Through a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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