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Sponsorship Request Forms

U-M departments can get uniqnames, MCommunity Directory profiles, and access to some computing services for people by sponsoring them. For details about sponsorship, see MCommunity Sponsor System Overview.

For faster sponsorship, your department can designate its own sponsorship administrators to use the MCommunity Sponsor System themselves to sponsor people for your department. (Your department will also need a sponsoring authority who can authorize sponsorship administors.) There's no need to submit a form and wait for ITS to process it. You can enter information directly into the Sponsor System and create sponsorships yourself.

Sponsorship/Uniqname Request Forms

For a description of sponsored people and how they get uniqnames, see Getting a Uniqname, Directory Profile, and Computing Services—Sponsored People.

Requesting Computing Services for Sponsored People

Sponsored people receive most of the Standard Computing Services automatically. See Computing Services for Sponsored People for details.

If sponsored people need a printing allocation, departments can request this by using the Request an Account tab on the Print Account Provisioning page.

See also Information About Conference/Program Packages of Computing Services.

Sponsorship Administrators and Sponsoring Authorities