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When will my MCommunity changes be made?

Last updated July 29, 2013

Most changes you make to your MCommunity Directory profile or groups take effect immediately or within a couple of minutes. Some changes, particularly those that must get to multiple systems, may take longer. Events that result in a large amount of data for MCommunity or related systems to process may result in temporary delays. Your changes are saved, but may take longer to be processed and take effect.

Typical Processing Times

When Occasional Exceptions Cause Delays

There can be delays of several hours when MCommunity is processing a large amount of information. This can happen, for example, at the start of a term when updates about student enrollment and more. Changes are always queued and processed as soon as possible.

Changes are sometimes delayed, but they are not lost. Whenever a large influx of data or other event is causing delays, a notice is posted ITS Service Status page.