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MCommunity Data Connection to UMROOT Active Directory for Provisioning and De-Provisioning

MCommunity data is used to provision and de-provision Active Directive UMROOT accounts through a real-time data feed from MCommunity to UMROOT Active Directory.

MCommunity accurately reflects who is and is not a member of the U-M community. People automatically get accounts when they become eligible for them and lose access when they are no longer eligible.

MCommunity groups and AD. MCommunity groups used to provide administrative access to services ordered through the Michigan IT Services Portal are synchronized to Active Directory (UMROOT). Other groups are not synchronized. See Some MCommunity Groups Sync to Active Directory for details.

Provisioning UMROOT Active Directory Accounts

As long as a person follows the Procedures for Getting a Uniqname, they will get an MCommunity entry (if they do not already have one), and they will get a UMROOT Active Directory account automatically when they get their uniqname.

Some additional information comes through from MCommunity to Active Directory for people whose directory profiles are designated as private. The person's title (U-M working title), affiliation, and U-M work phone are visible inside Active Directory.

Services that Use Active Directory

Services that require an Active Directory account for login. Users log in to these services with their uniqname and UMICH password, just as they log in to most U-M computing services. UMICH passwords are synchronized to Active Directory to allow this login.

De-Provisioning UMROOT Active Directory Accounts

No Affiliation, No UMROOT Account

When people lose all affiliations with the university, they lose eligibility for a UMROOT Active Directory account; their account will be de-provisioned.

People with any one of these affiliations are eligible to have UMROOT Active Directory accounts: faculty, staff, retirees, students, alumni, and sponsored people.

What Happens When?

Tips for System Administrators: Managing UMROOT Accounts


This page last updated April 29, 2014