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Angell Hall Campus Computing Site Reopening!

Grand Reopening Photos

Renovation View 4

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Renovation View 7

Renovation View 8

Renovation View 9

Renovation View 10

After a busy summer of planning and construction, the Angell Hall Campus Computing Site finally reopened on the first day of classes for Fall term.

About the Renovation

The Angell Courtyard Computer Lab opened in 1989 and, not counting minor updates, is essentially the same space that opened nearly a quarter century ago. It is now time to revisit the space and to update it for the needs of today and tomorrow.

The lab will remain the signature "Fishbowl" with a large number of individual workstations, but we'll be bringing a number of other types of work spaces into the mix to make it more relevant to the way people work today. There will be a new emphasis on collaborative work and the use of personal technologies.

Here is what else you should expect: