ITS Campus Computing Sites

Classroom Reservations and Software Submissions

The Classroom Reservation and Instructional Software Submission (CRISS) system consolidates a number of services and resources offered by Campus Computing Sites which are targeted at instructional staff in one easy to access place.

Instructional Technology Services

Campus Computing Sites offers the following services and resources for instructional technology in our labs:

Course Software

Make specialized software available to your students in Campus Computing Sites.

Classroom Reservations

Reserve one of the computing classrooms for regular classes or one-time events. Use of the rooms is governed by Campus Computing Sites Policies and, in some cases, a fee is assessed.

Classroom Handbooks

Get pointers on how to best utilize each computing classroom, including instructions on proper projector usage.

Please see the Classroom Reservations and Instructional Software Submission web pages for all of your Instructional Technology needs.