ITS Campus Computing Sites

Who Can Use the Campus Computing Sites?

All current Students, Faculty, and Staff of the University of Michigan can use the Campus Computing Sites. Access to certain sites or services may be limited during specific events or times of the year.

Requirements to use the Campus Computing Sites

Uniqname and Password

You need a valid uniqname and UMICH Kerberos password In order to use a Campus Computing Site. Your uniqname is the computing ID which provides proof of identity to log in to many of U-M's computing services, including the computers at Campus Computing Sites. Information about obtaining a University of Michigan uniqname and password is available online in the Frequently Asked Questions About Uniqnames and Passwords section of the ITS website.

Temporary staff (who are not students), visiting fellows, and other guests of the University should talk to an administrator in their department about making arrangements for the computing services they need. In some cases, access to these services will be handled by the department; in other cases, individuals will be directed to the ITS Service Center to make their own arrangements.

Card Key Access

Many of the Campus Computing Sites are available around-the-clock by "card-key access," which means that you must have a valid university Mcard to enter. Additional information about the Mcard is available on the Mcard website.

Updates to and questions about your Mcard can be handled by the Mcard Center (936-2273), located in the lower level of the Student Activities Building. If you have problems using the card readers, please send e-mail to and include your uniqname, the 16-digit ID number on the front of your card, the name of any site where you had problems gaining entry, and the date and time of your last Mcard swipe.

Mcard Swipe Guidelines