ITS Campus Computing Sites

Sites Environment Freeze Information

Campus Computing Sites places a "freeze" on our software environment during the first and last months of each term. This ensures that our loadsets are in a stable condition during the high-usage period surrounding exams. We will not deploy new software or make loadset changes during this time.

What is a freeze?

A freeze is a time when staff limit changes to the environment. This is to both maximize stability during critical times of the year and to make staff available to quickly address issues that may arise during these times. We wish to limit the risk of outages and maximize staff availability when they occur.

Freeze-specific Information

When are freezes?

These are in addition to ITS Production Freezes.

What is the impact of the freeze for various Sites groups?

No changes are to be made to any of the Sites environments in general. There are a few exceptions to this rule (see next question). Examples of the freeze impact on Sites groups include:

What are the exceptions to the "no changes" rule during a freeze?

The following changes are allowed during an environment freeze:

What communication needs to go out prior to a freeze?

A member of the Sites management team will do the following: