ITS Campus Computing Sites

Green Computing in Sites

Campus Computing Sites takes its stewardship of University resources very seriously and fully supports the University's institutional commitment to green computing practices.

We understand that it is generally the best energy saving practice for individual computer users to turn their machine off if not in use for an extended period. However, for the reasons noted below, this is not the case for Sites computers. We ask that our users and partners please leave the computers at all Sites locations on at all times so they can operate as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Sites

Some specific examples of energy efficiency initiatives already pursued by Sites include:

Power/Sleep Settings in Sites

Future Plans

Sites technical staff will be working aggressively in the coming year to explore new and improved power-saving features and energy-conscious systems administration practices to further lessen our energy footprint, particularly in off-hours when usage is low or non-existent.