ITS Campus Computing Sites

What File Storage Options Can Be Used in Sites?

Campus Computing Sites stations support multiple data storage options.

Online Storage

All options below are available to U-M people at no cost:

AFS - Andrew File System

The Andrew File System is online file space backed up to tape and available from on and off campus. Your AFS space can be accessed online through Mfile. More information on AFS can be found in the AFS Overview.

U-M Box

U-M Box offers online storage with a host of sharing/collaboration and revisioning features. Learn more about U-M Box.

U-M Google

U-M Google offers the Google Apps for Education, including Google Drive, which can store both Google Apps files and other files.

Removable Media

USB Flash Drives

Sites workstations (both PC and Mac) have USB ports that accept USB flash drives (a.k.a. thumb drives).

Some vendors sell a "secure" flash drive that may not work properly on computers in Campus Computing Sites because the drive expects to have permission to run its special security software on the host computer. Unfortunately, there is no work-around for this problem at this time.

Should you encounter problems with a flash drive on a Sites computer, please send email to including the type of flash drive, its capacity, the type of computer you were connecting to, and the time and Site you were in when the problem occurred along with the text of any error messages you received.

Looking for Other Media Options?

If you are looking to burn files to CD, DVD or other media, consider visiting the Groundworks Lab in the Duderstadt Center on North Campus.