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Changes to Software Access Beginning August 1, 2017

Software access will now be automatically granted based on university affiliation: student, faculty, staff, sponsored affiliate, alumni, general public, etc. Each person will be able to access software that is permitted to be used by their affiliation when they log in to a Sites computer or Virtual Sites session. Role-based access will improve compliance with software licensing agreements, and will ensure cost-effective campus computing solutions.

Availability of Sites software is grouped by the following types of use and the corresponding UM-Ann Arbor affiliations by default.

Available for: Eligible Users:
Open Use Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests
Student Instruction Only Students and faculty
Student Instruction & Non-Commercial Research Students, faculty, and affiliates
Student Instruction & Administrative Students, faculty, and staff
Student Instruction & Non-Commercial Research & Administrative Students, faculty, staff, affiliates

Review the software licensing list to determine your access to software after August 1.

If you believe you should be eligible to use a specific software application based on the "Available for" descriptions above, you can submit an Exception Request Form.

Sites staff review and approve exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions are valid for a single academic year and expire August 1. You will have to submit a new request to renew exceptions.

If you have multiple affiliations, as long as you have at least one role that is eligible, you will still be able to use the software.

Your school, college or administrative unit may elect to sponsor you each term you need access to software, or they may consider purchasing a software license. Learn more about the sponsorship process and about software licensing.

Additionally, the Computer Showcase offers software at academic pricing for use on personally-owned devices.

For questions, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Software List

The following software applications are available on computers located at the Campus Computing Sites.

Specialty software and site-specific software are listed separately. The above lists do not include course-related software or adaptive software at the Knox Center.

Send questions about software in Sites to

Software Upgrades

Upgrades to software and operating systems are typically made during Spring/​Summer semesters, when such integration will have the least impact on ongoing courses and projects.

Software Requests

The addition of new applications take time, as Sites staff must thoroughly test new installations to ensure that they don't affect the operation of other programs. Requests for software additions and upgrades are prioritized based on staff availability and instructional needs.

Faculty who require a program for a course that is not already installed on Sites workstations should refer to our Classroom Reservation & Instructional Software Submission (CRISS) system.