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Campus Computing Sites deploys and supports a wide variety of general purpose and software applications on our Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X 10.5.8 operating systems. The software applications listed on these pages are deployed as part of our "core" loadset to full-use workstations in Campus Computing Sites. Software that is specialty or site-specific will be listed separately. This list does not include ATCS, Gaming or course-related software. Questions about software in Sites can be sent to

Software Changes & Updates

Operating system and software version upgrades are typically done during the Spring/​Summer semesters. This is the time when Sites can integrate new software packages into the computer lab environment with the least amount of impact on ongoing courses and projects. Adding new applications can affect the operation of other programs and Sites staff require significant time to test new installations. Requests for software additions and upgrades are prioritized based on staff availability and instructional needs. Faculty who require a program for a course that is not already installed on Sites workstations should refer to our Classroom Reservation & Instructional Software Submission (CRISS) system.

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