ITS Campus Computing Sites

General Use Computing Sites

There are twenty-one ITS Campus Computing Sites available for general use—seventeen on Central Campus and four on North Campus. All Campus Computing Sites are open to University of Michigan faculty, staff, and current students.

There are three types of workstations in Campus Computing Sites: a full-use Windows workstation, a full-use Macintosh workstation, and a limited-use cyberstation. The cyberstations are primarily only loaded with software that allow for Internet and email access. A few cyberstation locations also have Microsoft Office available.

Central Campus Computing Sites

North Campus Computing Sites

Which Sites are Staffed to Provide Computing Assistance?

The Campus Computing Site that has consulting staff is the Angell Hall site. The consultants can answer standard computing services and Sites-related computing questions to help you work more effectively in the Sites computing environment. Consulting times may vary at the school and college sites that offer assistance. Check with the specific site for more information.

Specialty Sites

Aside from these general use sites, there are specialty sites that provide particular hardware/software.