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Angell Hall Computing Site


The Angell Hall computing site is located at 444 Mason Hall. It is the large courtyard within the Angell/Mason/Haven/Tisch complex on Central Campus. It is the largest and busiest of the Campus Computing Sites.

Angell Hall has an array of computing resources available for use. The site contains 72 Mac OS and 178 Windows workstations, including the stations in the classrooms. The site also provides access to a variety of black & white, color, and poster printers. The site is staffed by computing consultants who can answer standard computing services and Sites-related questions.

Site Hours

Special Features


Cyber Stations: 34 e-mail and web-only express stations are located at the front of the computing site along the ramp that leads to the main floor. These stations provide quick access to the Internet and e-mail without having to wait in line for a regular-use station.

CAEN Workstations: 16 CAEN workstations are available for Engineering students or others with CAEN computing accounts. These CAEN computers are dual-boot desktops which run both the Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux operating systems. Additional information on the CAEN workstations is available from CAEN.


Color Printing: Color printing is available at Angell Hall to all current U-M students, faculty, and staff. Color printing is not included in the standard computing services, and the cost per page will be $0.23 which will be billed to student or departmental accounts. More information on color printing in Sites is available.

Poster Printing: Poster printing (black & white and/or color) is available at Angell Hall. The poster printer can print up to 42" wide and costs $8.40 per linear foot. Poster printing is not included in the standard computing services and will be charged to student or departmental accounts. More information on poster printing in Sites is available.

Other Features

Electronic Classrooms: Angell Hall is home to three Windows classrooms (A, B, & C) equipped with computers and AV projection equipment. All classrooms have workstations with CD/DVD drives available. Information on reserving these classrooms is available from the Sites Classroom Reservations and Software Submissions page.

Photocopying: The copy card program allows students to make photocopies on Campus Computing Sites multi-function printers with a simple swipe of their Mcard. The copies are deducted from the standard computing services printing allotment. Copies beyond the printing allotment are charged at $0.06 per printed side.

Scanning: There are several flatbed scanners available in the Angell Site on both Macintosh and Windows computers. A large (tabloid) flatbed scanner is also available on a Windows workstation. Additionally, the large multifunction devices/printers have scan-to-e-mail functionality. These scanners are available for all students, faculty, and staff to use during normal operating hours. Additional information on scanning in Campus Computing Sites is available.

Wireless Network: Angell Hall is included in the wireless network provided by ITS. The wireless network coverage in Angell Hall encompasses the entire computing site, its classrooms, the lobby area, and the "glassed" area looking into the site. More wireless information.

Contact Info: If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the site, please mail: