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Virtual Sites

Service Description

Virtual Sites is a service that lets you log in remotely to a Campus Computing Sites Windows computer and use the licensed software on it from your own computer or mobile device. This service gives Windows users access to specialized software on an as-needed basis, and it gives Macintosh users a way to use Windows software from their Macintosh computer. The service can be accessed from on or off of campus and works with or without the U-M VPN software.

Who's Eligible

Virtual Sites is available to current students, faculty, and staff on the Ann Arbor campus. A valid uniqname and password are required for access.

Eligible to use Virtual Sites:

Not eligible to use Virtual Sites:

If you are in the eligible list and you are unable to use Virtual Sites, please contact the ITS Service Center at 764-HELP (734-764-4357).

Connection Instructions

  1. The VMWare View Software is required to connect to Virtual Sites.

    1. MiWorkspace Faculty and Staff should request the VMWare View software through the normal MiWorkspace software request process.

    2. Other users should download and install the VMWare Horizon connection software for your computer. Most Windows users should select the VMware Horizon Client for 64-bit Windows option. If your system is older and not compatible with the 64-bit version, you will be told to use the 32-bit version.

  2. Run VMWare View and add as your connection server.

  3. Enter your uniqname and password. Make sure the selected domain is UMROOT.

  4. Double click on the Virtual Sites option to begin your connection.

If you are member of a department that already uses this service, you may see other connection options. For example, Engineering students have connection choices for Engineering-related software. If you have any questions regarding connecting or using the service, please contact the ITS Service Center at 764-HELP (734-764-4357).

Other Important Information