ITS Campus Computing Sites

Printing in Sites

The standard computing services allocates $24.00 for printing to students per term at all ITS Campus Computing Sites printers. (Double-sided (duplex) printing counts as two impressions.) Black-and-white and color impression are charged at $0.06 and $0.23 per 8.5"x11" impression, respectively..

How many pages have I printed?

You can determine how many pages you've printed at the MPrint Usage page.

Billing methods for printing beyond the $24.00 allocation included in the standard computing services are:

Can I use my CAEN allotment with ITS printing?

Yes. The College of Engineering provides a supplemental print allocation to eligible student CAEN account holders that will be utilized automatically when you exhaust your standard computing services allocation. The supplemental print allocation may be used at any ITS Campus Computing Sites printer.

Can I Request a Refund?

You are only charged for pages that physically come out of the printer. You may submit a refund request in the event of poor output quality (i.e. illegible text due to low toner). To submit a request, log in to your printing account at and click on Recent Print Jobs. Click Request Refund under the print job to submit your request.

Sites Uses Recycled Paper


Campus Computing Sites has switched to 30% post-consumer recycled paper for all black-and-white printing services and 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all color printing services. The acid-free recycled paper is Environmental Chlorine-Free (ECF).

Sites Printing Guidelines

ITS and the Provost's Office hope to be able to keep service levels high (and the price of printing low), but our ability to do so depends in part on whether students use printing resources in a responsible and appropriate way.

Printing Tips

Don't forget that by following a few environmentally responsible practices we can significantly reduce the amount of unusable output we create in the Sites. A few simple resource-saving techniques include: