ITS Campus Computing Sites

Color Tabloid Printing

Sites Uses Recycled Paper


Campus Computing Sites has switched to 30% post-​consumer recycled paper for all black-and-white printing services and 100% post-​consumer recycled paper for all color printing services. The acid-​free recycled paper is Environmental Chlorine-​Free (ECF).

Color printing is included in the standard computing services and your total printing allocation ($24.00 allocation per term for students, $3.00 allocation per term for faculty and staff). Color 8.5"x11" pages cost $0.23 per impression. Color tabloid (11"x17") pages cost $0.46 per impression. These charges will be made against your available print allocation.

NOTE: Selecting the duplex option for a color tabloid printout will result a $0.92 charge against your print allocation for 2 color tabloid impressions (2 x $.046 = $0.92).

Faculty and staff must have made prior funding arrangements using a departmental ShortCode. Please call the ITS Service Center at 734-764-4357 (4-HELP).

CAUTION! If you print to a color tabloid printer, your printing allotment will be deducted at the color tabloid rate.

Color Tabloid (11"x17") printing is available on the color printers in the following locations: