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Copy Card Program

Sites Printing, in development with the Entree Plus office, has created a new copy card program. This service allows students to make photocopies on Campus Computing Sites multi-function devices (MFDs) with a simple swipe of their Mcard. The Mcard serves as authentication as well as a portal to the 400 page sides included in the standard computing services. Students can now make copies without ever having to set up a pre-funded account, purchase an exclusive "copy-only card", or dig for loose change. Sites Printing also worked to ensure that these MFDs serve as printers as well as copiers.

Copy-Card Printers are currently available in the following locations:

* Information on the copy services in the University Library locations is available online.

Making Copies using your Mcard

Copies made using your Mcard are charged to your standard computing services printing allocation. You can make 50 copies per swipe. If you want to make a copy of multiple pages at one time, place the pages face-up in the top feeder tray.


If you suspect a faulty Mcard, you can go an Mcard Center for a new card.

Copy Card Tips and Facts