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Campus Computing Sites provides poster printing on campus. You can print on our 42" wide paper in black-and-white and/or color.

Poster printing takes time. Please plan to print your poster a couple days in advance of when you need it, in case of any unforeseen circumstances!


Currently, poster printing costs $8.40 per linear foot, billed to student's standard computing services or departmental accounts.

To use a ShortCode to pay for your poster print, you will first need to set up an account. You can do this by submitting an account request. If you need assistance, please contact or call 734-764-HELP (4357). Please note that accounts may take up to 1 business day to be created after your request is submitted.

Sorry, refunds CANNOT be provided for ANY reason other than technical issues with the printer (e.g., bad ink cartridge, paper jam, etc.). So please be sure to proof your job before printing.


Facilities are available at the following locations to print posters:

There are computers available at these locations to print to the poster printers. Printing can be done anytime during standard site hours and no appointment is necessary. You may pick your poster print job up immediately upon releasing your job.

Poster Release

After sending a document to the poster printer, you are required to Delete or Release your poster print job by going to the Poster Release page and previewing the output. The output is a true rip of the document. The release page shows total costs and size dimensions, as well as the preview of the desired output.

Poster Release

Tips for Poster Printing

Tips as PDF (78KB PDF)

Poster printing takes time. Do not expect to print a poster 10 minutes before it is due. The poster printer itself will take around ten minutes to print. It would be in your best interest to pick a time a few days before the poster is due to allow time for any unforeseen complications.



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