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This page provides information about known Box accessibility barriers and work-arounds, and will be updated regularly. If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Service Center at 4HELP@umich.edu or 764-4357.


Updated 8/31/15

At present, the most accessible way to use Box is via the a.box.com website. This site contains many key Box features, and works well on mobile devices. It also contains a link to the standard Box site.

It's currently possible to use a.box.com to perform the following functions:

Note that once you go to the full box.com site, there is not currently a link to return you directly to a.box.com. However, if you re-enter a.box.com in your address bar, you will go back to the accessible version; this had been a problem but has been fixed.

As Box continues to improve their offerings, additional features are expected to be provided in an accessible form, and this page will be updated accordingly.

Known Accessibility Issues

Updated 8/31/15

Indiana University performed an accessibility review of a.box.com in 2015 and found the following issues:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Verified 8/31/15

Some keyboard shortcuts are supported for the full box.com site. These primarily refer to functions that are not currently supported through a.box.com. The shortcuts for functions that are supported do not appear to work within a.box.com.