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Additional Email Addresses in U-M Box

U-M Box is a U-M service available to all active faculty, staff, students, and sponsored affiliates with regular (not temporary) uniqnames at the University of Michigan. Today members of all campuses—including Medical, Flint and Dearborn—are able to have U-M Box accounts using their @umich.edu email address. When a member of the U-M community signs up for Box using their @umich.edu email address, they are automatically provided an U-M Box account with unlimited storage. However, if someone signs up for Box using a different UMICH email address (e.g. @umd.umich.edu or @umflint.edu) they will get a 10 GB personal Box account. These settings apply whether signing up at the Box.com website or responding to an invitation to collaborate in Box. Note that while these are the largest email domains to be impacted, the same functionality can be used by anyone who uses email addresses other than @umich.edu.

By setting up additional email addresses in Box, one can "link" multiple Box accounts with their U-M Box account.

What to Do

See which scenario below best fits your situation:

Setting Up Additional Email Addresses

In your U-M Box Account Settings, find the section Login and Email Addresses. Your @umich.edu email will be your primary email address (this cannot be changed in U-M box). This is the account that collaborators see and where all Box notifications are sent. In that section, you will find a link to Add more emails. Clicking this link will allow you to add a new email address. You can add another U-M email or a non-university account. This will cause all collaboration invitations sent to these additional email addresses to go to the primary @umich.edu account, keeping all of your Box collaborations in one place.

If you prefer to have separate Box accounts, you can. You only need to add additional email addresses if you want to consolidate your Box collaborations into one account.

If Multiple Box Accounts Already Exist

Merging the Accounts

If you already have a personal box account using a non-@umich.edu email address and wish to merge it with your @umich.edu Box account, you must proceed carefully. You may have a personal Box account and not even know it until you try to set an additional email address. You will find out because you will get an error message when attempting to add an additional email address that already has a Box account associated with it. To merge already existing accounts, DO NOT DELETE THE NON-@UMICH.EDU BOX ACCOUNT. This will delay adding that email address to your U-M Box account (if you have already deleted the account, contact the ITS Service Center at 764-HELP (4357)). Instead, do the following:

  1. Login to the non-@umich.edu Box account

    • On the folders you wish to preserve, change the owner to your U-M Box account
    • In the Account Settings, Login and Email Addresses section, change the primary email address to a personal account that you do not want to use for Box (you can set up a throw-away account on many email providers for this purpose)

  2. Login to your U-M Box account

    • In the Account Settings, Login and Email Addresses section, add the other email address

  3. At this point you may delete the non-@umich.edu Box account.

What about folders shared with my other account?

When you change the email address on your account to free it up to add to your U-M Box account, files and folders shared with that account will stay with the account with the new email address. To see those files and folders in your U-M Box account, ask the owner of the folders to re-invite you.

Additional Email Addresses and MCommunity Groups

While it is possible to add an MCommunity group as an additional email address, it is not recommended. Doing this will not give group members access to the Box account.

The functionality to be able to invite email groups as collaborators, thereby giving all members of the group access to files is not yet provided by Box. As soon as Box provides that group support, we will integrate it into U-M Box.